Wednesday, 12 May 2021

2021 Season Preview

In 2021 we will again be racing with the CALM All Porsche trophy.

We'll miss the opening round of the season but have entered the remainder including Brands Hatch GP, Snetterton 300, Silverstone International and Brands Hatch Indy.  

With limited access to the Boxster we have had to wait for lockdown rules to be relaxed to begin the season prep work.  Given we only did a single event last year due to Covid restrictions the list isn't too long. 

We started with bleeding the brakes to make sure no air is in the system.  This was followed by bleeding the clutch slave cylinder because since the engine rebuild the clutch pedal wasn't returning fully and went to the floor after the event at brands hatch.   Sat on the top the gearbox access is impossible with a traditional 11mm bleed spanner so the nipple had to be loosened with a socket extension and opened / closed by hand.  The recommended technique is also to have the pedal pushed all the way down during bleeding.  As expected a load of air came out and the pedal now returns nicely. 

Whilst under the car we spotting what looked like an oil leak on the back of engine by the oil cooler.  

However on closer inspection it was grease which has sprayed out of a tiny nick in the inner CV joint rubber boot.   Luckily the inner joints are serviceable (the outer isn't) as are both boots - so we can change this ourselves.  It required removal of the hub nut which with loctite needs the longest 3/4" breaker bar to undo. 

Whilst sorting this it we also removed the rubber boots on the rose joints of the roll bar drop links which had perished. 

The car is ready for a shakedown track day at Snetterton which went well but we had to change the exhaust after the internals failed, and this cut short our afternoon running.