Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Pre-Fitting Assembly

With the long block rebuild completed we’ve been getting on with engine re-assembly prior to refitting into the car.  

Progress has been made with all of the ancillaries, vacuum pipes, sensors, inlet manifolds, fuel rails and wiring loom bolted and connected back onto the engine.  

We’ve been replacing bolts and cleaning parts along the way. Vacuum pipes in particular caused us a problem with trying to refer back to our notes and photos of where the many different connections go.  Porsche make some things so complicated you couldn’t make it up, with different configurations for year, engine and gearbox types all being unique in some way. 

In parallel we have ordered a full set of clutch replacements parts as per the pelican parts guide and will switch to a sport clutch from the standard one.

The gearbox bellhousing was cleaned up and the old clutch release arm and release bearing removed.  A later style 997 arm was fitted with new fittings all round.  

The new flywheel was fitted following the torque procedure for the bolts. We then used a clutch fitting tool to centre the clutch plate before fitting the reconditioned clutch pressure plate.  

Re-install day should only be a matter of weeks away.