Monday, 23 February 2015

Winter Upgrades and Servicing

Three years of racing is starting to take its toll on the Boxster with some wear and tear items needing to be addressed. 

The leaking power steering fluid has been fixed by replacing the o-ring seals between the reservoir tank and the pump.  Access is very tight on top of the engine so we're hoping a full replacement is the pump isn't needed.  

All four brake calipers have been sent away for a full refurbishment. The diagnosis from Pro Calipers was that they have been over heating significantly.  All the rubber seals were disintegrated and the paint color darkened to a deep red indicating temps of 300c+. Disintegrated seals prevents the pads retracting fully, increasing wear and heat and ultimately slowing us down.  

The refurbishment included new bleed valves, seals, anti squeal shims and we also fitted the Goodridge braided hoses.  The latter having sat on the "To do" list for over two years.   

At the front of the car we've replaced the centre radiator which along with its bracket was on its last legs. 

Whilst the front bumper was off we've added brake cooling ducts, forcing air through the front bumpers and onto the brake discs.  This adds to the GT3 ducts fitted towards the end of last season as an attempt to keep brake temps down.

In the engine we re-attached the the exhaust with new clamps.  The exhaust falling off was the ultimate reason for my DNF at Donington last October.  It must have been knocked on the kerb going into or out of the gravel trap, but took another 10mins to properly fall off.  

We needed a new inner wheel arch liner which had melted on the exhaust. 

A full oil change, brake fluid flush with 2 litres of Castrol SRF and the BMC performance air filter cleaned and recharged completes the regular service items.