Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Brake Cooling

All the talk in the championship recently is about brake cooling. 

With our next round being at Rockingham (which is a big test for brakes)  and the English summer set to be a hot one, we've fitted the optional GT3 brake cooling ducts.  These are larger and sit lower under the car to direct more air onto the front brakes.  

We still expect I have to manage brakes during the races. Stopping from 125mph+ down to 45mph puts a strain on the brakes.   If the ABS is used to much it quickly overheats the brakes and you have to brake earlier and more gently into corners. 

I expect we will also put direct ducting from the front bumper into the brake discs or open up the inner wheel arch liners to allow even more cooling, and this allow us to brake more aggressively and for longer in races with less fade.