Monday, 31 March 2014

Race Ready for 2014

With our first race of 2014 less than than a week away the car needed some final checks, a good clean and the championship decals to be fitted.

The final setup included setting and checking the ride height using the adjustable spring perches on the GAZ Gold dampers and choosing our initial damper and roll-bar settings for the Silverstone International circuit.  Half a tank of fuel was also added so we can go straight out on track during testing.

We encountered a slight hitch initially when the car wouldn't start - despite a fully charged battery.  We traced this to a poor earth connection from the battery to the car chassis, and after cleaning the connection everything worked perfectly.

The mandatory in-car camera was checked.  We are using a BlackVue 12vpowered model which records constantly whilst the ignition is on.  Our LUKE safety harnesses were adjusted, before the car was given a thorough clean inside and out.  The amount of dirt and dust which accumulates inside is amazing.

The BRSCC Porsche Championship which we run in has a number of sponsors for 2014 (Toyo Tires / Jasmine PorschaLink / Fuchs Titan Race Fluids), whose logos must be displayed in the correct places.  In addition we need the race numbers on each door, windscreen and dashboard, plus the safety stickers for the towing loops, electrical cut-off and fire extinguisher.