Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A new look for the 2013 Season

The car returned from the paint shop with the damaged panels repaired and resprayed.  We also opted to paint the bonnet, roof and boot white.  Inverse blue stripes were added too, giving the car a overall more professional look for this year.  
 The final pre-race checks have been done, refitting the fire extinguisher, checking the operation of cut-of switches, lights and adjusting safety belts.

The ride height was re-checked and adjusted (using the adjustable spring perches on the dampers) giving us a couple of mm over the regulation minimum at the front, with around 10mm higher at the rear.  Some height had been lost due to wear on the tyres and one spring perch coming loose and dropping slightly.  We also rechecked the wheel alignment and are going stick with dead straight at the rear and 1mm of tow-out at the front.

Finally some of the mandatory championship decals have been fitted and the car given a good clean and polish

The 2013 BRSCC Porsche Championship starts at Rockingham near Corby in the midlands.