Tuesday, 5 March 2013

More Winter Work

Brake Service
After the last track day, we noticed the front brake discs starting to develop tiny cracks between the drilled holes.  This is a common occurrence when the standard discs are put under the extreme heat generated by the race brake pads under race conditions. 

If we don't change the discs there is a chance they could disintegrate on hard braking.  OEM discs only cost £50 each so it is better to be safe and change them frequently along with the brake pads and a change of Castrol SRF brake fluid. 

Drop Links
The uprated anti-roll bars will cause extra stress on the standard drop links.  As our suspension is considerably lowered these are also really too short now.

We have decided to replace them with uprated and adjustable drop-links which RND Motorsport have developed for us.  

The adjustment will allow the weight distribution to be evenly set ensuring a better handling car. 

Light Weight Heater

Since we use the car for both racing and track days during the winter months we wanted to keep some decent heating.  There is nothing worse than a steamed up windscreen or a freezing cold car.  
We have fitted a mini water based heater from T7 Design which connects to the original water pipes via an electronic valve to control the production of heat.

The result is a fan not far short of the original power and the ability to control hot or cold air to both the windscreen and the centre dashboard vents.  The heater and pipework weighs less than 1.5KG vs the 7KG's plus of the old unit.


Paint Shop
With the dashboard refitted, minus the lower console and a lot of eexcess wiring which we didn't remove last time; the car will be off to the paint shop for the danaged panels to be resprayed  and a slight twist on our color scheme!