Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Performance Improvements

My race finishing positions have fluctuated over the three race event weekends we have entered, however most of the positions gained on Class-A Boxsters have been through others failing to finish.  This in one way is good, since reliability rewards, but in another it hides the ultimate performance difference between us and the front runners.

There is however a measured performance improvement when you consider our lap times vs the front running cars.  

We are getting closer to the back of the main pack of Class-A Boxsters which typically contend the top ten places each race.

In the first race at Snetterton in April we were 12% slower on our fastest lap of the race (2m 44.7s) than the fastest time set (2m 27.1s) and we were running 6% (73kg) heavier than the  minimum weight. The race was spent in amongst the the front 924 drivers.

By the second race at Rockingham in August we were only 4% slower on our fastest lap of the race (1m 46.3s) than the fastest time set (1m 42.0s) and we were running only 3% (33Kg) over the weight limit.  In the race we matched the Class-B front running Boxsters.

The Performance graph (right ) shows the progress we have made in closing the gap to the front runners in the series and a notional target - which is to be in the middle of the Class-A Boxster pack!