Sunday, 20 May 2012

Performance Exhaust

In preparation for our next race event at Brands Hatch we finally got around to replacing the standard exhaust back-box with a Cargraphic sports exhaust (ebay bargain).  Most of the bolts on the original exhaust were rusted so it took several hours to remove.
The performance exhaust turned out to only be a few KG's lighter than the stock exhaust so we will need to look elsewhere for the weight savings we need to make.
Th new exhaust was fitted with new clamps and stainless bolts all round and allows the engine to rev more freely.  It is definately much louder and will provide a useful BHP & Torque increase.
We also replaced and re-wired the electrical cut-off pull switch.  The pull handle was a poor qualifty one and cutting the fuel-pump allowed the engine to run-on for a few seconds. It is now wired into the DME fuse (C1) and kills the engine instantly.