Monday, 30 April 2012

Final Preparations

The weekend before the Snetterton race we still had a number of jobs to complete.

Adjusting the rear tow straighter as I didn't like the feel of the car at the last track day and the race would all be about confidence to push the car.

The aluminium bottle fire extinguisher kit which is from a UK company called FEV was mounted in the car in place of the passenger seat we had during track days.  The supplied tubing was cut and run to four spray nozzles (2 in the driver compartment and 2 in the engine bay) and connected up with t-pieces.
It is fired by externally and internally mounted self powered buttons with a control box to test and arm the system. The E Is for Extinguisher not Electrics!
The final job was to re-fit the standard air box with a performance filter to ensure we were compliant with the series regulations, removing the induction system previously fitted.