Saturday, 24 March 2012

Front Tow Stap and Timing Transponder

More work has been completed on the front of the car this time.  The bumper was removed and the front air conditioning condensors were taken out to reduce a bit of weight.  These were fitted directly in-front of the water radiators which can be seen in the photo below.
The front tow strap was fitted in the same manner as the rear and the timing transponder (the small red box) was also fitted.  This is a mandatory item for racing and is positioned 30-60cm's off the road facing down towards the track.  Each unit has a unique serial no. which will enable the circuit timing systems to pickup our car as it travels over the timing strip buried into the track surface on the start/finish line.
The bumper also had some paint and a clear coat applied to cover some previous damage and was re-fitted.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tow Straps

A requirement for racing is front and rear towing hooks, eyes or straps.  I don't like the metal ones as they can cause a lot of damage to to other cars in accidents (as we've found out ourselves) so we are fitting fabric tow straps.

The rear bumper was removed and the strap fitted to the top of the bumber bar.
A slot was then cut in the bumper to feed the strap through and folded up with an elastic band when we're not on the track.
Tow stickers will beput on the bumper adjacent to the the straps to ensure marshals can easily find the towing points on the car.