Sunday, 26 February 2012

Alignment and Camber Setup

After changing the suspensiona lot of toe on the front and rear was induced, which had to be reset.  We used the DIY string method to measure the alignment knowing that we just wanted to get it roughly aligned initially. The wider rear track of the Boxster and narrowing body lines are deceptive when you look at the alignment by eye.

First we set the ride height getting the car level all round. This is done using the adjustable spring perches on the suspension and measuring the ride height under each jacking point. 
We then setup equal length parallel fishing lines running down the side of the car, equidistant across the front and back.  We measured the distance between the front and rear rim of each wheel and the parallel line - the difference being any toe in or out.

After several adjustments we managed to get the alignment where we wanted it (which is not far off 0 / straight) and also maintained a good amount of camber (-3 degrees on the rear and -1.75 degrees on the front).  

Adjustable 911 GT3 lower arms are an option to achieve more front end camber - but these remain a luxury (that we can't currently afford).