Sunday, 1 January 2012

Dashboard refitting

Before the dashboard could be re-fitted the relay board was re-attached to its original mounting bracket on one side and cable tied to the rollcage as high up as possible.  This will keep it away from the drivers feet and accelerator pedal.  The fuse box could not go back in its original position so it has been moved and mounted to the rollcage on drivers door side, again using strong cable ties.
The wiring looms running down the sides of the car were also tidied up and the plastic trim refitted to protect the wiring.  The heater box was modified to fit around the rollcage and re-fitted. The recirculation flap & motor had to be removed.  It should function well enough to provide cold and hot air to the interior and windscreen when needed.
The interior pull cable and fire extingusher wiring was run through the bulkhead to the battery area before the dashboard was trimmed and re-fitted.  Two inches were cut from each side allow it to fit inside the rollcage.