Sunday, 18 September 2011

Rear Suspension (Part 1)

We started the rear suspension change in the knowledge it would be a substantial job and more complex than the front suspension.

With the car on stands and the wheels off, we set about removing the brakes. The pads came out easily using the rusty pin technique learned on the front suspension change.  The first problem came immediately after - removing the brake caliper bolts.  On investigation the ends of the bolts protrude through the wheel hub assembly and had corroded badly.  This corrosion damanged the threads on the hub assembly.  

With two used replacement wheel hub assembly's ordered, the revised task list now included loosening the main hub nut to pull the hub off the drive shafts.  This required 5mins of heating from a blow torch, a 32mm deep socket, 1.5ft breaker bar with 2ft extension pole and the force of two adults. It was tightened to 460lbs/ft at the factory with added loctite!

Knowing the job would overrun we moved the car into the garage and spent the rest of the day removing the the suspension and wheel hub assembly.
A large assortment of different size sockets and spanners were needed, plus long ratchet extensions and torque wrenches.  The hub assembly came off with use of a pulley puller after a balljoint separator disconnected the suspension arms.  One side was completed fully by the end of the day and is ready for the new parts to be installed next week.