Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Track Modifications

After a long gap at the end of 2010, we embarked on the track / race modifications needed for the Boxster.  New brake discs / pads have been purchased, adjustable suspension and lightened race wheels ordered.  The latter two are built to order and on long lead times.
In the mean time a number of smaller, but important track modifications have been progressed.

Bonnet Pins
The electrically operated bonnet and boot locks have been replaced and aluminium bonnet pins fitted.  The pins were mounted through the boot inner and holes drilled in the bonnet. for the surface catches.  These are required on the track to prevent the bonnet flying open.  We've retained the hinges and gas struts to keep it easy to open the bonnet and boot lid.

Induction Kit
The stock air filter housing and filter have been removed and replaced with a power induction kit in the form of a cone shaped filter, and aluminium heat shield.  This ensures cold air is taken from the air scoop on the side of the body and prevents hot air from the engine bay. being inducted. This typically provides ~10bhp increase.  The plastic housing of the original filter was fitted before the engine in the factory, it therefore had to be cut out in pieces which was quite a job.