Saturday, 10 April 2010

Damage Assessment

The front and rear bumpers have been removed to assess the damage inside the bumper covers.

The front bumper bar shows the deformity where the tow-bar took the impact. 

The rear bumper bar mounts have deformed at the top pushing the bumper bar into towards the body at at angle.

The bar is at such an angle that there is no clearance to remove the bolts.  These will need to be cut to allow removal and replacement of the mounts behind it.

Track Day

Our first track day was at Brands Hatch, on the short but challenging Indy circuit.
The car performed and ran very well.  We did struggle with tyres and a little understeer in the corners, especially round Clark curve.  

The weather was great for the time of year.

Towards the end of the afternoon we were involved in an incident in the pit garage of all places!  A new FocusRS accidentally went into the back of the car and then pushed it into the pit wall. 

Both rear and front bumpers are damaged and the rear spoiler are even more distorted than before.
  • The front tow-bar took the brunt of the impact against the wall and is pushed backwards into the bumper.
  • The car still drives fine and we managed to get out for the last session of the day.

So after 5 weeks it's back to square-one, with another search for used replacement bumpers and a trip back to the the body shop.....