Monday, 1 February 2010

Repairing the rear-end damage

A lot of work was done this weekend to resolve the rear-end damage to the car.  Replacement parts were purchased (mostly off ebay) in anticipation.
  • Rear bumper cover
  • Inner bumper bar, heat shielding and mounts
  • Rear boot lid with hinges and struts
  • Rear light unit (RHS)
The rear spoiler had to be removed to allow removal of the bumper outer.  Once removed, we found the majority of the impact had been borne by the inner bumper bar (broken in half) and mounts (deformed). The used replacements were straightforward to bolt on.

There is some deformation of the rear boot panel, but this appears to be purely cosmetic, so will be left. 

The rear spoiler mounting had to be adjusted to stop it fouling rear boot lid, and the light mounting had to be pushed back into the correct position.  Once this was achieved, the new panels all align well.

 Both front and rear bumpers have been fully rubbed down and are ready for painting.